• Matt Follows – Creative Director / Director @ Erasmus

    People have been asking me what we do at Erasmus. So, in no particular order, I thought I'd start posting some of the things we've been up to most recently.

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New Relentless Energy Drink Cans

Relentless has been built on a simple human truth, GIVE AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. NO HALF MEASURES. So when it came to redesigning the Relentless packaging the brief was simple: bring NO HALF MEASURES to life. To do this we outlined five attributes on which NHM is dependent: VISION, SUFFERING, ENDURANCE, OBSESSION and FOCUS. Each attribute provided a theme for each can and this theme informed the subject of the narrative driven artwork, the poetry and the name. It’s not every day that a can tells a story, and even less often that printers have a heart attack when they see the intricacy of the designs you want them to print on a can.


Relentless Can Animations

To bring each of the Relentless cans to life on giant festival screens, we created five animated 3D films of the artworks. Hey, if you’re going to have a pack shot, you may as well go to town on it.


On your mobile phone you can call someone, text them, email them, instant message them and Skype them. And now you can Sparq then.

Currently in beta phase, Sparqa enables you to chat to any number of people at the same time, just like you would on a two-way radio.

With the single push of a button you can talk to not one but as many people as you like from your Spaqa network. And unlike regular voice calls, Spaqa uses the data channel on your phone network to send and receive calls
– so you can keep on talking and listening even if you don’t have any mobile reception.

As well as giving the brand an ownable name which has the potential to become part of the telecommunications vernacular, we created an identity which communicates the dynamism of ‘Sparqing’, and developed the brand and marketing strategy from the bottom up.


UP is the name we’ve given to our new upcycling company, and ‘every end has a new beginning’ is it’s mantra.

Being a brand which transforms waste materials or useless products into products of a better quality, or of a higher environmental value, the UP logo needed to be simple enough to emboss, debosss, laser cut, wood burn, etch, print, stencil, stitch or engrave on all manner of materials – because UP products could be anything from a set of exclusive hand luggage made from a couple of Lewis Hamilton’s discarded Formula 1 tyres, to a grandfather clock made from the bonnet of a written-off Bugatti Veyron.

The mark we created for the brand was designed to be more of a shape than a word, so that over time, it could become a recognized and trusted seal of quality workmanship and exclusivity.

Skate House

In the middle of Skatehalle–Berlin, surrounded by open air concrete bowls, sits a huge, disused four storey building.

In partnership with the owners of Skatehalle, we are going to turn this building into ‘Skate House’. A house where every room, every piece of customized furniture and every stairwell is ride-able.

And what Skate House would be complete without a hole cut in one of the external walls on the top floor; big enough for skaters to exit the house and drop into the bowls four floors beneath them.

This project is currently in the design phase, but here are a few photos of the building before construction work begins.

Just the kind of unusual canvas we like working with.


As part as an ongoing project with Skatehalle–Berlin, we were asked to inject some Relentless imagery into their vert ramp for the much anticipated secret demo by Tony Hawk.

So, rather than simply slap a big logo across it (which we’d never do), we created a bespoke piece of artwork which accentuated the sweep of the vert; thereby added to the vibe of the park – rather than detracting from it.

To give photographers an engaging backdrop for shooting midair skaters against, we positioned a row of 12 foot wide Relentless Momento Mori between the iron rafters. And for the skaters about to drop into the vert, we positioned some motivational quotes.

Relentless Live

Every year Relentless stages and co-creates a number of live music and core sports events across the UK, Ireland and Germany – everything from dance festivals to pro wakeboard tours.

Here are a few videos from some of this summers collection.

Short Stories

Short Stories is a challenge to amateur filmmakers around the world to bring the Relentless No Half Measures attitude to life through the medium of film.

By bringing together young, unsigned directors with Relentless athletes and musicians, the brief is to deliver a 6 minutes film which isn’t your usual handy-cam and high-five YouTube effort.

This is the first year that the competition has run, and next year, it is geared up to be far bigger with the brief going out to a much broader range of directors.

Here are two of the latest competition entries. One from the director and surf photographer Mickey Smith, and the other from Matty Lambert.

Relentless Snowboard

First we created a one-of-a-kind Gibson SG, and now we’re producing a line of limited edition snowboards.

Painstakingly handcrafted with die-cut silver and gold foil, this is one bit of kit that no amount of money can buy.

But you can win one. Details to follow.