Rather than create branded apparel which consists of a massive logo and no attention to detail, we produced a range of limited edition t-shirts which are ordered and worn by Relentless athletes and the general public alike.


Relentless Insignia

This year we needed to create a bold and distinctive logo which would be a shorthand way of saying Relentless Energy.

This new mark will appear on our new cans (which will be making an appearance in stores and on this blog soon), apparel, film titles and product lines etc.

Gibson SG Relentless

Earlier in the year we produced one of the most heavily customized Gibson guitars in the world. And the only one of its kind in existence. We called it the Gibson SG Relentless.

Launched in 1961, the SG Standard is the biggest selling Gibson guitar of all time, and, with is svelte physique and sharp horned cutaways, it looks as radical today as it ever has. Famous for having the “fastest neck in the world” and a rich, warm sustain, it’s been wielded by some of the most iconic guitarists in history, from Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix to Angus Young and Tony Iommi. Searing solos, chunky rhythms, sinewy leads — you name it, the SG can play it. Now, after hundreds of hours of meticulous work from the designers at Relentless, and customised by Sam Walker at Gibson, we are proud to present our very own model: the ‘SG Relentless’.

“It’s the most heavily customised guitar I’ve done in ten years,” says Walker. “And it’s unique because as much attention has gone into the feel and playability of it as has gone into the aesthetics.”

The SG Relentless has a body composed of rich mahogany curves. The fingerboard has been replaced by a piece of AA Ebony with 22 stainless steel frets. It boasts hand-cut Mother of Pearl inlays, rich, multi-layered graphics finished in clear lacquer and buffed to a high gloss, a photo-etched stainless steel scratch plate, Gibson 496R and 500T pickups and a custom selector switch to flick between two settings — Grind and Sacrifice.

Limited edition doesn’t do it justice — it’s the only edition