On your mobile phone you can call someone, text them, email them, instant message them and Skype them. And now you can Sparq then.

Currently in beta phase, Sparqa enables you to chat to any number of people at the same time, just like you would on a two-way radio.

With the single push of a button you can talk to not one but as many people as you like from your Spaqa network. And unlike regular voice calls, Spaqa uses the data channel on your phone network to send and receive calls
– so you can keep on talking and listening even if you don’t have any mobile reception.

As well as giving the brand an ownable name which has the potential to become part of the telecommunications vernacular, we created an identity which communicates the dynamism of ‘Sparqing’, and developed the brand and marketing strategy from the bottom up.



UP is the name we’ve given to our new upcycling company, and ‘every end has a new beginning’ is it’s mantra.

Being a brand which transforms waste materials or useless products into products of a better quality, or of a higher environmental value, the UP logo needed to be simple enough to emboss, debosss, laser cut, wood burn, etch, print, stencil, stitch or engrave on all manner of materials – because UP products could be anything from a set of exclusive hand luggage made from a couple of Lewis Hamilton’s discarded Formula 1 tyres, to a grandfather clock made from the bonnet of a written-off Bugatti Veyron.

The mark we created for the brand was designed to be more of a shape than a word, so that over time, it could become a recognized and trusted seal of quality workmanship and exclusivity.